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1CP = RM3.60 (Buy)
1 CP = RM3.30 (Sell)

Package Entry Product

GOLD 100CP/RM360.00
STAR 500CP/RM1800.00
BEZEL 1,200CP/RM4320.00

Loyalty Customer Bonus
Package MAX. Bonus/Month Monthly

GOLD 200CP/23months 8.50CP/RM28.05
STAR 1,000CP/20months 50CP/RM165.00
BEZEL 2,400CP/16months 150CP/RM495.00

Referrer Bonus
10% of the package you refer

GOLD 10CP/RM33.00
STAR 50CP/RM165.00
BEZEL 120CP/RM396.00

Group Infinity Reward
Package % Max. Daily

GOLD 8% 300CP/RM990.00
STAR 9% 1,000CP/RM3300.00
BEZEL 10% 3,000CP/RM9900.00

Imuone Diamond Club

Imuone Diamond Club

Being an expert in what we do, IMUONE has been trading in the diamond market for more than 10 years. This lucrative market is huge and is still growing. The potential for this market has attracted wide attention of many experts all over the world.

Through our exclusive IMUONE Diamond Club, we provide an interactive business network designed to maximise and diversify your success. IMUONE Diamond Club lets you enjoy a highly rewarding leverage income.

Backed by a management team with years of experience and expertise, IMUONE has since then ventured into diamond trading, gemstone cutting and jewellery manufacturing and had participated in world trade exhibition and wholesale business.

IMUONE Diamond Club is a sparkling opportunity to venture into the world’s luxury diamond market, with an investment within your means. It is the ultimate gateway to financial freedom. Just free yourself from financial woes and anxieties with IMUONE Diamond Club’s promising success.